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*Sci-Fi Matte Painting Tutorial* (reduced price for launch)

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Hello Everyone !

The key elements of matte painting are a good base plate , an immersive design and execution, one that transports the viewer to far-off worlds.

See how to match a CGI render with a Photo, and paintover to push the image to the next Level like a Digital Matte Painting or a realistic Concept Art.

In this Technical / artistic Tutorial with audio comments, I will be taking you through the process of creation of a Matte Painting / Realistic Concept Art showing different techniques. 

We will see how to use a photograph as a plate and do the matching of Perspective, the focal points, based on the original picture in a 3D scene and Push the composition to a next level with a Photoshop Digital painting and some CG tricks...

My demo is using 3DSMax 20016 but any other 3D software can work for this example! this is a process and technique that is applicable to any other CG tool.

SciFi Scene Video Tutorial 65 minutes including:

Video 01 : Plate Photograph and Perspective Matching.

Video 02 : Texturing , Mapping and composition.

Video 03 : Lighting Setup.

Video 04 : Polishing and Rendering.

Video 05: Painting in Photoshop / Photobashing.

Video 06 : Conclusion.

+ PSD File !

PS:  This is NOT a Modeling tutorial, the 3D elements are kit bashed ships bought from CG Traders. Textures were bought on

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Digital Matte Painting tutorial / SF Concept Art Tutorial Video with Audio comments

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*Sci-Fi Matte Painting Tutorial* (reduced price for launch)

14 ratings
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